Asphalt Finishing Tools in Pennsylvania

Paving asphalt takes precision and tools ready to stand up to the rugged task. At Slip Industries, Inc., we fabricate asphalt contractor tools in Pennsylvania to help you do your best work on every job. Whether you’re in the business of paving residential driveways or your crew tackles major parking lot paving projects, our tools help you uphold your reputation for excellence.

Because we’ve gotten to know asphalt contractors over the last few decades, we know the types of tools you need. Let us bring you American-made, high-caliber tools that offer the best in both precision and durability. 

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The Asphalt Tools You Need

Asphalt takes a heavy toll on tools. Whether you’re pouring and shaping or refinishing an existing surface, you need asphalt finishing tools in Pennsylvania that are reliable and rugged. At Slip Industries, Inc., that’s the only kind we make! 

We’re attuned to the needs of asphalt paving professionals and produce tools that offer precision control, while maintaining their integrity. With our selection of quality tools in-hand, your surfaces are sure to be straight and level, smooth and strong. 

Designed and Built in the USA

Every tool we produce is made right here in the USA, at our shop in Pennsylvania. We take great care in sourcing the best materials and using in-house labor to create products we’re proud to put our name on. We want every one of our customers to feel the quality in our tool when they pick them up, and see the superior results that come from using them. 

Tools Built to Last

You deserve to do your best work, using tools that’ll stand up to rugged, everyday applications. For asphalt tools that’ll live up to the work, choose Slip Industries, Inc. Contact us today at 717-665-2139 for more information about our tools or to speak with our knowledgeable professionals.