Concrete Finishing Tools in Pennsylvania

A quality concrete project depends on two things: Exceptional equipment and the skill of the person wielding it. We can’t supply the skill, but Slip Industries, Inc. has made it our mission to create top-notch concrete contractor tools in Pennsylvania. Whether your bread and butter are slabs and sidewalks or you’re in the business of decorative concrete or concrete repair, our tools belong on every jobsite. 

Trust us to provide you with tools that’ll serve you reliably for decades to come, helping you produce finished results that’ll raise the bar for excellence. 


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Concrete Tools for Every Job

Concrete paving and finishing requires a broad set of tools. More importantly, those tools need to stand up to the rigors of a concrete project and continue to produce quality results job after job. 

Our concrete finishing tools in Pennsylvania are built to last and designed with a keen understanding of concrete work. From cutters and lifters to floats and groovers, we produce tools that are essential for projects of all sizes and complexities. We’ll help you work better.

American-Made Quality

You can’t afford to have an unreliable tool while you’re putting the finishing touches on a concrete project. When you choose tools from Slip Industries, Inc., you’re guaranteed American-made tools, backed by the very best materials and keen attention to detail. We make sure you’re always wielding a tool you can count on—one made right here, in your backyard. 

Pave with Confidence

Pave your way to excellence with concrete tools from Slip Industries, Inc. in-hand. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making exceptional tools, serving the needs of concrete contractors of every skill level. Contact us today at 717-665-2139 to learn more about the tools we fabricate or to speak with us about custom designs.