Masonry Finishing Tools in Pennsylvania

Masonry is one of the oldest professions in the world. But that doesn’t mean modern masons can’t benefit from modern masonry finishing tools in Pennsylvania. At Slip Industries, Inc., we do justice to the timeless art of masonry by providing skilled professionals with innovative products that further their craft. Our masonry products are practical and easy to use, helping you produce results that are representative of your best work. 

Our longstanding familiarity with masonry means we’re producing tools that actually help you on the job, without taking away from your approach. We aim to provide tools that’ll pay for themselves in their utility and become a part of what makes your work so exceptional.

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Intuitive Tools for Quality Work

Whether you’re laying new mortar or scraping a façade for restoration work, you need the very best masonry contractor tools in Pennsylvania in your belt. You need tools that help you work quickly, with precision and care, and safely while you’re focused on the job. We produce them. 

Our specialty masonry tool is our wallscraper. Not only will it keep you off the scaffolding, it’s durable and intuitive to use, helping you strip fins and burs from wall joints. It’s one of many custom tools we create and we’re happy to consult with you about your needs, to put the right tool in your hand. 

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Made Proudly in America

Every tool we create is proudly designed, fabricated and finished in-house, at our facilities in Pennsylvania. We imbue our products with hardworking spirit, the best materials and a focus on quality, so you can do the work you were meant to do with a reliable tool in-hand. 

Quality Tools Make the Difference

Have questions about our masonry tools? Want us to design something to assist you out on the job? Contact Slip Industries, Inc. today at 717-665-2139. Our familiarity with masonry and the needs of masons means you’ll always get a tool that’s effective and easy-to-use.