Torpedo Groover®

For Easy, Straight Control Joints!

  • 56″ long
  • machine tooled
  • high grade aluminum
  • cuts straight control joint 1 3/8″ or 1 3/4″ deep
  • also available in 48″, 36″ and 24″ lengths.

Dustin Ferch Construction

General Contractor, Myrtle Creek, Oregon
  • “The Torpedo Groover ® makes a beginner cut joints like a pro.”
  • “My apprentice finishers cut joints like concrete vets with a Torpedo Groover® on the job.”
  • “The first time I used the Torpedo Groover®, I cut a 42 foot joint!!! It was difficult to make any joint over 12 feet look good before purchasing this tool. I save money by not cutting down pour size due to joint design.”
  • “With a Torpedo Groover® it no longer takes steady hand of a concrete vet to make a truly straight joint.”
  • “A Torpedo Groover® shaves years of skill level normally needed to make a joint look good.”
  • “I spend more time on other details of my job rather than on my hands and knees fixing joints since owning a Torpedo Groover®.”
  • “Using a Torpedo Groover® has attracted the attention of my concrete finisher colleagues who have since gone out and bought one of their own.”
  • “All of my friends want one.”
  • “Damn that is straight.”
  • “Stevie Wonder could cut straight joints with this tool.”
Signed: Dustin Ferch 541-863-6557