Custom Tools

Design your custom tool and fax it to us or call for help with designing a tool for your special needs. Below are some examples of custom tools we have fabricated. Please Note: We do not stock any of the items you see below.  
custom-grooverDSCN0455“I wanted to thank you for all your help in the design and fabrication of our custom butterfly groover. Your knowledge of concrete finishing tools was evident in that you were able to produce exactly what we wanted, even though we didn’t give you a lot of design information.As you can tell by the driveway on the photos, the butterfly groover works extremely well. The owner of this particular driveway was amazed at the finished product due in part to your tools. Lastly, the time and thus money saved by using the custom butterfly groover and your torpedo groover ® far exceeds the cost of the tool. We look forward to using other tools that you make.” Christopher Bahr Silver Oak Construction & Concrete, Inc. San Luis Obispo, CA
Custom Groover
Custom Edger
Boat Ramp Groover